Character Creation – Space Hedgehog

I’m a big fan of Emily Alys-King’s artwork so for this character creation post, I’m using one of her pieces of art.  Emily’s already given us a good start – this is Ambassador Kai’ree of the Serquill.  They’re a warlike race of four armed hedgehogs, but are only 4-8 inches high.  As this is an intelligent character, I’m going to be using a mix of paths from 6d6 Modern Generic and the Bestiary to properly represent her skills and physical attributes.  I’m going to be following the character generation rules this time, which means I’m limiting myself to 70 character points and 9 meta-points.


Choosing from Exploiter, Leader and Orator is difficult as each adequately cover Kai’ree’s role as an ambassador.  Exploiter gives her a more menacing profile and comes with humiliate and quip which are powerful verbal attacking advantages.  Leader is a more positive path that focuses on getting her team to work better, with inspiration and team talk providing goods buffs to allies.  Orator has heckle, one of my favourite potential attacks and provides many advantages to be used in diplomatic actions.  I’m selecting Exploiter as I want to explore the warlike aspect of the race.  With Body Language, Cunning, Humiliate, Intimidate, Quip, Scheming and Violent, Kai’ree has formidable verbal skills.

Tiny is the obvious answer to her small size.  Speed and Dodge are the advantages being taken from this path.

I can’t imagine Kai’ree having got to her position without having been part of the Serquill war machine.  Whilst Military Service would provide a good set of combat based advantages, I prefer Hunter.  I can imagine Kai’ree building on her career as an expert sharpshooter to a position of political influence.  Manual Dexterity and Sharp Eyes are a pair of very useful body advantages that will get a lot of use.  Silent by itself gives her only a limited ability to hide, but there are a couple of advantages on Tiny that can be taken as the character advances to help with this.  To give her some real teeth in combat, she’s got weapon expertise with her las-pistol.

If I wasn’t playing by the rules, I would most likely also give her two different body advantages – Quills and Multi-limbed.  These would replace silent and scheming.

link to character – All rights reserved, used with permission.

A very dangerous hedgehog indeed.