Important Information About Free RPG Art

6d6 Fireball have teamed up with the wonderful Geek Native on issue very close to our heart, free RPG art.

As a creative commons publisher we only use public domain and CC art in our RPGs. Finding art which is suitable and good enough for publication is tricky and along the way we have learnt a lot of useful information which we shared with Geek Native in two guest posts.

4 great places to get free art for RPGs
So you’ve written your groundbreaking genre defining RPG but you cannot afford any artwork. Without it your game will disappear into the 8th circle of hell (the circle of failed Kickstarters), never to be seen again. There is only one thing to do, find some free artwork on the internet.

6 tips for using free art in your RPGs
It may look like the internet is awash with art and photograph just waiting to be used for free in your RPG book but it is not that easy. Assuming you wish to produce a professional (or at least semi-professional) book there are things you need to know before downloading your chosen images.

Artwork by CC-BY-SA By Ashirox