RPG Brainstroming: Wonders of a Fantasy World

The seven wonders of our world include the Pyramids, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Gardens of Babylon. What wonders would existing in a fantasy world where magic is real?

Let us have your ideas in the comments and you watch the 6d6 RPG team discuss the topic below.

In the video, each of the team put forward a fantasy wonder for discussion.

The Tomb of Sir Castien by Jaye

All that is know about this 100m tall solid iron spike is that on one side the words

“Here rests the body and soul of Sir Castien of Duccodor. A guardian of the good light in death as he was in life”.

The spike resides on a flat plain in a wind swept corner of the greater steppe. No one knows how deep the spike goes into the ground. Around the spike, the land is no longer flat, but appears as if cracked and shaken. The spike itself is a dull metallic gray and rests at a slight angle, pointing towards the rising sun. No signs of rust appear on the surface of the spike and it is a mystery how the epitaph was engraved as no known magic or tool is able to even scratch the surface. At the base of spike a small spring of the purest water emerges from the shattered rock and flows south to the sea, starting the great Ashanfell River.

Plot hooks
  • Why don’t people investigate it?
  • What was it originally?
  • What’s it for now? what legend(s) surround it?
  • What happens on the solstice?

Sunken by Patrick

A small, shabbily built villiage, unremarkable in almost every way except for a single feature – the town is at the bottom of the western ocean.
In an earlier age a race of advanced men built a series of powerful magical artefacts to control certain aspects of life, one of these was the stone of air. The stone was used to calm winds and ensure good sailing, and was used on the flagship of the fleet.

Control of the weather however did not make the fleet unsinkable, the flagship was scuttled in battle and fell to the deepest part of the ocean. Not to be outdone that sailors used the stone to produce a bubble of atmosphere and set about dismantling the ship to build their village. Now the techniques used in the creation of artefacts are lost. The village however still stands, subsisting on seafood and raiding the occasional shipwreck.

The Vortex of Thanix – Josh

The Vortex of Thanix is a magically sourced hurricane half a mile in diameter. Never moving or unable to move it serves as a warning to all trainee mages. The warning is not to mess with magic beyond your control. Three hundred years ago there stood a college of mages, the head mage Charlemagnene Thanix researched into mass destructive magic. He achieved his aim but it cost him everything. A magical vortex formed in his chamber and almost instantaneously consumed the entire campus. They say that if you look closely you can see the bones of the students and faculty swirling around in the vortex.

Plot hooks
  • The players witness the fortex begin to move in the direction of the nearest town/city
  • The vortex collapses revealing that Charlemagne Thanix isn’t dead and is now a powerful lich.

The slithering city

A ancient city on the back of a giant snake, which slithers through the great deserts. The city is a treasure trove however as soon as someone steps upon the city the snake begins to move again. Can appear in any desert in the world.

Plot Hooks
  • TREASURE! players getting trapped on the moving city, trying to escape

The Compass Crag – Alex

Alledgedly the former site of a powerfull mage’s tower, the crag is a massive cross shaped ravine who’s arms point precicely to the points of the compass.
Folklore states that some experiment of the mage’s went horribly wrong and destroyed the tower utterly, rending apart the ground upon which it stood.

Plot Hooks
  • Useful location for traveling.
  • Explore the crag for remains of tower and artefacts.
  • Possible ‘magical radiation’ from the crag’s formation.

The Floating State (“Big Floaty America”) – Mark

Called the only truly free state by its inhabitants, this is a country without land. Instead it is a chain of a hundred great ships, all strung together with boardwalks and ropes. Everything a nation needs can be found here, just all built in wood and shaped like ships hulls. Particularly impressive at the Bow are the council chambers and the Cathedral of Ashtell. At the Stern are the housing decks, a warren of woodwork and ladder where the majority of the population live. Outsailers surround the main chain and provide it with food, trade with ports, and fight battles. Relying on trade as it sails from one region to another, profiting by buying cheap and selling dear, it is ruled by a merchant class and an elected Commodore.

Membership of the class wealth and status from the ships they own. Anyone with the gall, guile and guts can get into this class if they can make the money. In a world run by feudal lords and kings, this makes the people here more able to shape their own destiny, and get out of Steerage. More darkly, anyone who lives here is jealous of wealth and any other ship that comes within a league of the chain will fall foul of ambitious citizens looking for a hold of gems or a crew they can “liberate” to give them their break.

There is a range of magic here, but the most respected are the Chippist Order, the magical carpenters who’s enchantments do everything from keeping rot at bay, to lifting whole ships out of the water to make a new building from its timbers. Only one magic is outlawed: fire. There is no fire, light comes from glowstones bought at great expense, and heat comes from pyrotic oil. This substance is whale oil, heated and then enchanted to be not enough to boil water for a year. As such, the State puts a premium on successful whalers.

Plot hooks
  • The State has arrived in the area, and the local king needs people to act as ambassadors to negotiate protection from ambitious citizens
  • The players have just arrived as immigrants, and must carve out a space.

We ran out of time for Chris’ idea in the video.

The Spoil Heap – Chris

From the distance, it looks like an isolated mountain sitting on the open rolling steppe of the wild lands. Only when you climb the mountain does its become clear that the mountain is a vast pile of stones rising 10,000’ high. At the base of the mountain is a cave from which a constant stream of goblins emerges, each carrying a stone. They climb the mountain and place their stone at its top before heading away, each goblin going in a different direction.

It is said that the Spoil Heap is a pilgrimage and that each goblin, once in their lifetimes, must carry a stone from their home cave to cave deep underground. From their, they carry it up a sacred path to the surface and then to the top of spoil heap. It is an act of remembrance to Tak-Bok-Tan a spiritual leader who united the goblins into one tribe. The pilgrimage symbolises Tak-Bok-Tan’s message that no matter where a goblin comes from, all goblins are the same and that together, they can build great things.

Plot hooks
  • Cultural misunderstanding leading to conflict and then discovery that the goblins have a deep, spiritual and peaceful culture they were unaware of.
  • The spoil heap is built over the tomb of Tak-Bok-Tan. The characters must gain access for an articfact said to be within but without starting a war with the entire goblin population.

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