History Bombs – A Personal Reflection

Chilwell Ammunition Plant

This is the National Shell Filling Factory (Chilwell) during World War 1.

King George V Chilwell

This is King George V visiting the factory, note the shells hanging above his head.

If you are wondering if this was dangerous, yes it was. In 1918 it exploded killing 132 workers, most of which could not be identified.

Attenborough Mass Grave

The victims mass grave.  

The factory site was about a mile from my house growing up (it is still a military base), the mass grave was in our village and our local train station used to have ridiculously long platforms because it handled the massive number of workers and long ammunition trains for the factory.

I've not thought about this stuff in years but seeing a photo by chance brought back a heap of memories and reminds me though WW1 was 99 years ago, its has still made an impact on my life.