6d6 Open Business Meeting – Friday 7th February 2014

6d6 people get together to talk about the 6d6 RPG

During the week we watched this video on the science of persuasion which identify six key concepts. In the meeting we talk through the six principles and how they can apply to 6d6.


  • The Living Document Promise as social contract
  • Savings on future books
  • Free rule book / adventure for signing up to mailing list / Twitter / Facebook


  • 6d6 Hellenic – Only Ancient Greek game
  • Time limited offer


  • Reviews
  • Endorsements
  • Writer’s background / experience


  • Sign-up with small free gifts – one adventure, 100 Plot Ideas
  • RT / Share the FB for gifts


  • Appearing more human, sharing personal things on FB / G+
  • Make meetings more personal – Check-In’s, Pluses & Delta
  • Community Engagement


  • Show other people have purchased the product