Words To Describe Our Products

Friday was our regular 6d6 Open Business Meeting where 6d6 writers and crew discuss 6d6 stuff. As various projects approach completion our attention turns to marketing so this week’s meeting was largely about the general look and feel of each book and the sort of people they will appeal to. Particulary we were trying to sum up the books in three words or simple phrases. See the video for the full discussion but these are my notes.

6d6 Hellenic
Greek, Heroic, Gods
Heroic story-telling
We expect players to know something about greek myths, even just at Jason & the Argonauts / Clash of the Titans level.
Bold and self-confident

6d6 Bots
Broken, fixing, freedom
Surreal, absurd, incompetence
Chaotic, glitchy, romp
“Robotic mayhem in a dystopian fun-park”
“Badly thought-out”
Films – Wall-e, Robots, Batteries not Included, The Bed-Sitting Room

Mystery, mythos, madness
Literal, true, loyal, classic
“Play the stories”