Feedback Cards from Indiecon 2013

A few weeks ago we were at Indiecon where we ran a number of games.

Every time we run a game we seek comments from the players using feedback cards. We only ask three questions and deliberately leave only a small amount of space. The feedback is very useful but it is also a good marketing tool as it helps crystallise the player’s opinions on the game and lets us gather email addresses.

Feedback card from playtesting

Last weekend we ran seven games. For various reasons we only got feedback from five of them.

6d6 Hellenic / Pirates of the Aegean
8 / Good system, good suspense & jeopardy.
7 / Easy to use. Good narrative qualities.
7 / Enjoyable. Good system.
6 / [The score] would be more, but I only have a couple of RPGing friends.

6d6 Hellenic / Slot 2
8 / This is the 2nd game, its still fab [From someone who had played an earlier version].
6 / Nice simple system, easy to pick up.
6 / Easy to play, and fun.
6 / Lovely new system.

6d6 Hellenic / Isle of Delos
8 / Interesting system with some nice way to open the character and use skill. Also like the combat.
7 / Quick to learn, visual char[acter] sheet.
7 / Few RPG friends to recommend & [unintelligible] this game rates a 9.
7 / I like the mechanic very much, need to extend RP actions / encounters.
7 / Good structure and pace although Kanadis [one of the characters] needs more relevant static [advantages].
6 / The “add up the stats” mechanism is very cool.

6d6 Core / Outbreak!
9 / Simple system. Nepotism!!! [ From the friend of the author ]
9 / Fast and fun Vs zombies
8 / Narrative and different
8 / Simple, easy to learn system. Good fun.
8 / Good system, not too clunky and heavy.

Dungeon of Demon Strata
9 / Interesting tactical combat. Fun interesting scenario. Cool, differentiated characters.
8 / The combat was interesting and tactical and the mechanics are great.
7 / Solid system, fast combat, good [unintelligible].
7 / Interesting crunch – would probably have preferred the Hellenic game.
6 / Crunchy, but good crunchy. Tend to play on couches not at a table so the resource allocation system becomes tricky.

The 6d6 Hellenic games were run by Jaye Foster and Mark Foster (the setting’s authors), while the other games were run by myself.