Indie+ #GameNight – This Weekend!

This Saturday is the last Indie+ #GameNight of the year.

Indie+ #GameNight

2pm – 6pm EST – Games In The Bar – Festive Games

Turn-up and play! Join us in the hangout at 2pm and we split into groups to play one of a number of games. On offer for this festive special are: Mince Pies & Murder (6d6); Spirit of the Season (Fate Accelerated); The Secret LIves of Gingerbread Men; and Fiasco. If you have your own favourite seasonal game you are prepared to run, please bring it along and add it to the list of games on offer.


7.30pm – 8.30pm EST – Holidays & Festivals

Christmas, Yom Kippur, Guy Fawkes Night, Eid, Memorial Day, May Day … the list of festivals and holidays around the globe is seemingly endless and each as distinct as the culture which celebrates them. But how do holidays and festivals fit in your game world? How can GMs use them as plot hooks and adventures? Joining +Rich Rogers to discuss holidays in games are his guests +Geoffrey McVey, +Epidiah Ravachol and +Julia Ellingboe.


Everything will be a Hangout On-Air to be watched live and available later via the Indie+ YouTube channel.

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