Which Do You Like / Can You Do Better?

I’m crafting a landing page, a web page whose purpose is to sell the 6d6 RPG. (Think of a product page on RPGNow or a Kickstarter project's page for the basic idea).

Key to making the page work is a good headline and I've been researching advice on this and a common  tip is to write 20 different headlines before deciding.

So far I've created 13.

Which of these headlines appeal and can you suggest better ones?

1) Kickstarter Catch-Up!
2) Don't Miss Out!
3) Did You Miss Out!
4) Missed Out Again?
5) Your Last Chance
6) Last Chance?
7) A Better Game At A Better Price
8) It's Almost Here
9) The Final Countdown
10) A New World of Gaming … And This Is Your Last Chance
11) Unlock Your Potential
12) Gain The Advantage Around The Gaming Table
13) Blagging Is The Secret

Note – The headline and the page will be very much a 'hard sell', turning cold visitors in to sales (hopefully). There is no room in this situation for slowly and gently building up a brand relationship. This is all about triggering an impulse purchase. 

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