6d6 RPG on Kickstarter UK

Kickstarter opens its UK doors on the 31st October and we will be launching our 6d6 RPG project the same day.

Many UK Roleplayers will have seen and played the 6d6 RPG around the con scene over the last three years as we slowly developed and extensively tested the game. The latest version is even easier to play but retains all the style and flexibility of the original.

The Kickstarter goal is to fund a full print-run of the core rules with full artwork plus our selection of adventures. (The art you see here is from our forthcoming Lovecraft setting). If successful we will then be launching a range of settings – 6d6 Magic (generic fantasy setting), 6d6 Hellenic (Ancient Greek champions), 6d6 Bots (robots in a distopian future), Rebel Flesh (modern horror) and 6d6 Lovecraft (1920s tentacles).

For Kickstarter’s full announcement – http://www.kickstarter.com/blog/kickstarter-in-the-uk