A Free Sample of Quantum Flux

Later this week, our new Cybernetics supplement is being launched. The supplement is by Kieran Kowalski, author of our science fiction adventure, Quantum Flux and both the adventure and supplement will be in a discount bundle. Here is a taster of Quantum Flux.

Deck 2 – Hydroponics & Medical

Deck 2 contains two significant locations: hydroponics where plants are grown for food, and a small medical centre.


The doors leading into the hydroponics bay are before you. The door is closed but not sealed and through the door’s window you can see living plants still alive after all this time. They are even thriving and have overgrown their beds. It looks more like a jungle than a room.

When the characters enter the room they will spot that the plants are covered by the brown alien material. In places it covers the walls. As they notice this they will spot one of the plants moving.


The movement is Jamesy the Cat but the players don’t know that. Play up the tension in this scene. The last survivor of the original crew, Jamsey is old, grey and a little thin but he is still a ship’s cat – friendly to anyone with treats, a vicious ball of fur and claws to everyone and everything else.


As the players deal with Jamsey, the actual aliens jump out of the undergrowth. Four Alien Larvae will attack. After the fright of Jamsey there is no chance of catching them by surprise so go straight into normal combat.

The last of the aliens dies with a scream like nails along an old chalkboard. You can hear movement from the corridor, scratching and clawing on metal.

Four Alien Roamers are coming down the corridor. They will not enter hydroponics but will block the characters’ way out. The players have two options – force their way through the corridor or go to the medical bay.

Medical Bay

As soon at the door to Medical is opened a quarantine breach will sound and the bulkhead doors from hydroponics to the main corridor will slam shut. This may cause the players problems if anyone is on the other side.

Medical contains four beds for patients, one of which seems to be occupied at the moment. There is a ventilation shaft in the corner, its access hatch lying on the ground.

Ventilation Shaft

The shaft is dark, narrow and not the sort of place a character wants to meet an alien. However, it is perfectly safe and the characters can go up or down one deck without facing the Alien Roamers.


On the bed hidden by a sheet is an alien hybrid, the mortal remains of one of the crewmen mixed with alien DNA. It will spring to life when someone pulls back the sheet or while the characters deliberate their escape route.

Decision Time

As the hybrid dies, the doors to the corridor start to tear and buckle as the Alien Roamers rip into it. It will take them a few minutes to break through. The players can close the door to Medical but that won’t hold out for long.


An easy search lets the players find a Surgical Laser and a Practitioner’s Kit. When the players have time, the facility itself can be used to treat injuries. Treat it as a permanent, unmovable Practitioner’s Kit.

Medical Records

Computer banks in the medical lab indicate the last activity was an autopsy of one Doctor Adolf Kleinler. He showed signs of attack by a small animal, three bites on the arm, as well as signs of some kind of viral infection. The cause of death was not established.