Creative Commons Credits

As we enter the last 24 hours of our Birthday / Jubilee Sale, it is time to give credit for the photographs we used and to thank the photographers for kindly put their work into the creative commons.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

A cropped and slightly tweaked version of this image by Kyz was our main backdrop.

Union Jack

Union Jack Vintage Linen

The lovely Union Jack came from geishaboy500’s photostream. I love the texture of the old fashioned linen captured in this photo.

Creative Commons Forever!

These photos, and the many others we have used, demonstrate why 6d6 believe so strongly in the Creative Commons. By putting their photos out their, it allowed 6d6 to make an attractive web page cheaply and quickly but it cost the photographers nothing. By simply selecting the creative commons options when uploading the image, they have the life of a complete stranger better.


  1. If you believe so strongly in creative commons, why is it you would prefer to be paid for the PDFs you create? shouldn’t you make them freely available? Just curious as to why and where you draw the line for being paid, or not, for effort and skill.

  2. The question is, what are people paying for?

    Are they paying for the contents of the PDF, or are they paying for the connivence getting a virus free, up-to-date copy without needing to hunt through file sharing sites?

    Or are they paying to keep to alive so I can produce more stuff? Or possibly paying for that feel-good feeling that comes from supporting an artist?

    Or are the paying for the Living Document Promise and the knowledge that they will get regular updates delivered to their door?

    In short, people are not paying for the content, they are paying for the service, the experience and the future of RPGs.


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