Massive Discounts on Memberships

… and pretty big savings on PDFs in our …

Birthday / Jubilee Sale

I turn 44 this weekend so to celebrate all our PDFs are £4.40, about 50% off the normal price, but the big saving is on 6d6 Online lifetime memberships.

Save £106

A lifetime member has access to everything we produce, now and forever. The complete PDF output of 6d6 is yours to own no matter what. Members also have full privileges on 6d6 Online and are directly involved in the writing process of the 6d6 rules and related projects as well as their own private area for developing their own projects.

Standard price for a Lifetime Membership is £150. This weekend only, it is £44. This is your only chance to save £106 so don’t miss it. Sign up now.

Jubilee Zombies

This weekend also marks the 60th anniversary of the coronation and we are celebrating with a super-priced PDF bundle of Outbreak! and the 6d6 Core for just £6. That is a 25% saving of our birthday offer prices and a massive 65% off our regular prices.

Act Now

The sale is only on this weekend, Friday 1st June to Monday 4th June. Don’t miss out.