Embarrassing Photos In Desperate Attempt To Publicise Sale

You cannot of failed to have noticed how the United Kingdom is having a massive holiday to celebrate my 44th birthday the diamond jubilee of our unelected, parasitic much loved monarch. To celebrate this we are having a massive sale!

Its My Birthday …


In the arms of my maternal grandmother at my christening.

I am 44 years old this weekend and to celebrate the fact I’m not dead, 6d6 will be selling all our PDFs for just £4.40 each! The sale starts tomorrow (Friday) and will run until Monday

Diamond Sale

This is not the first time my birthday has coincided with the Queen’s jubilee celebration. Last time the country made big fuss about a woman who has lived a life of privilege luxury at the tax payers expense was 1977. Here is the royal car in a visit to the Trent Bridge cricket ground.


The Queen visits Trent Bridge, Nottingham in 1977

We spent hours waiting in the sun for the chance to get that photo. Don’t believe me? Here is my sister and mother waiting with me.


Waiting for the Queen.

In honour of the Queen’s unbroken 60 years of waving and cutting ribbons, we have a specially priced bundle. For just £6.00, you can have the 6d6 Core and the Generic Modern deck plus the Zombie horror adventure Outbreak! It is left to the reader to work out why unliving creatures who feed of others should be a suitable item for a jubilee sale.

44 Years Is a Lifetime (Or The Big One)

The sum total of my time on this planet is 44 years so it is fitting that we have a special discount for Lifetime Membership to 6d6 Online. For this weekend only it is £44. That is a £106 discount and something to get excited about.


Chris’ birthday, sometime in the 70s (note the Tintin book my sister has stolen).

The sale starts Friday evening and continues until Monday morning.