Birmingham Expo – Didn’t We Do Well!

Last weekend, we took a trip to Birmingham UK for the Gaming Expo, the largest tabletop game show in the country .


The Expo was not on our original list of cons for this year because of its sized and cost. At a large con it is easy for small publishers to be lost among the bigger stands and they lack the intimacy of smaller events that gives traders time to build a relationship with potential customers. It is also expensive and even in the cheap zone where we were, it was £100 for a trade table plus £50 for the demo table.

However, our friends at Toolshed Miniatures were taking a table and offer to host 6d6 free-of-charge. They could also provide transport so this effectively made the con ‘free’ for 6d6.


Phay running Outbreak!

Ok to Good

Our sales figures were reasonable over the weekend. An average con for us is about £100 – 120 per day and total sales for the table were £207 over the two days. The total masks the fact that sales on Saturday were much lower than Sunday even though there were twice as many people there. In fact, I suspect the low sales on Saturday were more to do with how crowded it was because no one seemed interested in chatting about a new product. The punters seemed set to rush round, buying the well known brands they came for and getting out as quickly as possible. The quieter Sunday gave people time to browse and chat, exactly what 6d6 needs to make a sale.

The £207 taken over the table includes the £42 of Toolshed Miniatures that were sold. This money obviously goes to them. Additionally Toolshed take the mark-up between 6d6′ trade price and retail price as Toolshed were acting as a retailer for 6d6 products.

Full details in the Google Docs Spreadsheet but the summary is:

  • Total Sales (including Toolshed products) – £207
  • 6d6 Sales – £165
  • Toolshed Sales – £42
  • Payment to Toolshed on 6d6 Sales – £42.82
  • 6d6 Gross – £122.18
  • 6d6 Costs (Production) – £68.26
  • 6d6 Costs (Writer’s payments) – £29.62
  • Profit – £24.30

Milestone Reached!

£24.30 is not a lot of money but it is pure profit and marks a milestone for 6d6.

We have struggled so far in getting our product production costs down to a price suitable for retail. This means giving the shop a 30 – 40% mark-up (the difference between trade and retail prices) and still making a profit ourselves. At the Expo, Toolshed were our retailers, earning roughly a 35% mark-up on each sale and yet we still managed to actually make a profit.

Now we can do this, we can start approaching retailers and offer them a product that makes them and us money.