6d6 at the UK Birmingham Expo

Next week is UK Birmingham Expo and 6d6 will be there as part of the Toolshed Miniatures stall (First floor, Green 13). As well as being on the stall selling things we will be …

Running a demo table right by the stall showing off 6d6 Magic and Toolshed’s miniatures in one hour mini-games.

Running four official demo games in the RPG stream –

We are also running demo games of 6d6 Shootouts, wherever and whenever we can.

6d6 On TV (sort of)

In addition to all of that, we are doing an demo as part of the UK Gaming Media Network which you can watch live online. Unfortunately we will be on at 9am Sunday morning, not an ideal time but to be fair, all the other companies involved are bigger and better known than us.

Drop In

Please drop-in to the stall and say hi. We love to meet our readers.