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When the going gets tough…

Having had a big-rethink and pondered what is wrong with 6d6, we are ready to announce our new plan for making a profit.

The One Product Strategy

All our attention will be focused on selling 6d6 Online.

The logic is simple. It makes us the most money.

Plus the more people who get involved with 6d6 Online the more attractive it becomes to potential customers. Thus we get more customers and this virtuous circle can grow. Also, by focusing our marketing on single product we can afford to spend more time on the message, making it better and strong by constantly reinforcing it.

What About PDFs and Planned Releases?

There will be no change in the availability of individual PDFs or the planned schedule of releases. What will change is how we promote them.

So far, we have focused on selling the individual PDFs, e.g. the number of sets of Shootouts sold. With future product will be using the new release to promote 6d6 Online. Success will be measured not in the number of PDFs sold but by the number of memberships sold because of the new release. Our new watchword will be Upselling.

What Will Change?

We will drop attempts to produce hardcopy editions of all our products. This will save time and avoid 6d6 carrying a large amount of stock.

How the different levels of 6d6 Online membership are priced and organised will change. A lot of this will be purely cosmetic and existing members will see no change or will be automatically upgraded to ensure they do not lose any benefits.

With the focus on digital activity and the dropping of many physical products, the emphasis inevitably falls on the home-printing of cards. As part of this we will produce blank cards suitable for home use and make them as cheaply and widely available as possible.

For the retail market, we will produce the Library Card in a pack with the blank cards. This gives us one product that can be cheaply made and still make us a profit even after the discounts for retail and distribution.

What Else?

Two other major developments come out of this strategy.

The ideas behind 6d6, the idea of openness – our games and our business are open to anyone who wants to get involved – are radically different from other RPG companies. We need to place this at the very heart of our marketing.

But if we talk-the-talk, we need to walk-the-walk. We have to duplicate over the net, the spirit of open creativity that we have among the core 6d6 Crew and a handful of online friends. To this end, we will have two new programmes:

The Ministry of Propaganda

A way for our online friends to get involved not only in promoting 6d6 but in creating the message.

As Yet Unnamed Open Selling Scheme

A way that anyone can sell 6d6 products and get rewarded for the efforts. This will be a financial reward but the idea (for most people) will be that the money is just a way of keeping score and for us to say thank you.

What Next

This change of direction is something we can only do once so we must get it right.

Most of May will be tied up with other work (Cybernetics and 6d6 Bots both are nearing completion and need my time for editing / proofing). We also my Birthday sale at the end of the month. My spare time in May will be spent working out pricing levels and defining our core marketing message.

Thus, June will be when we redesign the web sites, hopefully unveiling them at the end of the month with a flourish and promotion. With luck, this will tie-in with the launch of 6d6 Bots.

Feedback and Hangout

There will be open Hangout this Friday 6pm – 7pm UK time to discuss these ideas and other things. Also, please comment below and give me your thoughts because if you are thinking “Chris, that’s a fucking stupid idea”, now is the time to tell me.


  1. Firstly, let me say I think you have a great set of rules, that is why I became a lifetime member. Ok, they could do with quite a bit of sprucing up, but you already know that, especially the cards. Now the cards are perfectly functional back lack the pizzaz needed to grap the attention of the average punter.

    Secondly, what I think 6D6 really lacks is its own, complete, setting. Various kits, like 6D6 Magic, are OK but I see the need for a complete world/universe complete with NPCs, adventure hooks and detail, so that a GM can sit right down a start running a game from the get go. Now I realise this can be a difficult task but I would look and ask around 😉

    Finally, have you thought of using Kickstarter to raise money to pay for creating “proper” cards and a nice rule book. You have to do your homework and costings so you can set a reasonable Kickstarter goal but it is win win situation as far as I can see. If you reach your goal, or beyond, you can produce some great artwork etc.. to help sell stuff through Kickstarter and in the general maketplace. And even if you don’t make your goal, you get 6D6 out there, for some more advertising.

    As an example look at what PEG has done with Deadlands Noir, an initial goal of $8000 has resulted in pledges of over $64,000 with still two weeks to go.

    Now you are not as big as PEG so could not expect such support, but have a look at what his independent game designer achieved:

    Cheers, Chris

    1. Thanks Chris, both for the comment and your continual support.

      As part of the beautification of 6d6, the cards will receive a make over in August / September. In order to do this we need to improve some of the back-end technology driving 6d6 Online and that takes a bit of time. This will also see an improvement in the general layout of our books.

      You are spot on about the settings. We have both Bots and Magic coming out over the next few months so hopefully that will solve that problem.

      We have considered Kickstarter and there are a few issues to consider.

      Firstly KS projects take time. The preparation and promotion of a project would have to be the primary focus of 6d6 for two to three months. This means other projects, such as producing the settings are even further delayed.

      Secondly, there is no reason to think that sales in 6d6 will suddenly increase by a significant margin if we have a nice rule book. The biggest problem with 6d6 is that people haven’t heard of us. Having a pretty rule book and cards won’t change that. It will help, but it is not a silver bullet.

      Thirdly a failed KS project is not only a time sink but also looks bad. At the moment we (and our fans like you) are fighting hard to get 6d6 where it needs to be. A very public failure would be detrimental to those efforts. Where as just getting on and improving what we is a surefire success. It may take a little longer but it is far more profitable in the long run.

      We have some ideas for a KS project that fits with 6d6’s aims but at the moment, the amount of time and effort it would take versus the money it would raise make it undesirable.

      Over June we are re-jigging our products and our approach to releases. We will talking about those changes in the next couple of weeks and they should be in effect at the start of July.



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