My Secret Plan for RPGNow

6d6 Shootouts is launching on RPGNow on Tuesday (24th) and we have a secret plan to sell as many copies as possible.


14 Different Products

Shootouts is not just a single product, it is 14 different products. There are the eight character decks ( Gunslinger, Bartender, Woodsman, Native Brave, Homesteader, Native Scout, Cavalry Trooper, Infantry Trooper) plus the rule book and Advanced Pack. Then there are the special offers for buying multiple decks at once: Super Eight Pack, Eight Pack, Four Pack No. 1 and Four Pack No. 2

This plethora of products has its disadvantages in that it has taken over two days to get them onto RPGNow but they all have an important job to do.


One Product To Rule Them All

While there are 14 products, I’m hopping to only sell one of them.

Everything is structured and priced to drive people towards buying the Super Eight Pack. At $12 this offers the biggest saving for the consumer ($8 compared to buying everything separately) and it is only marginally more expensive than the other special offers.

Price Saving Contents
Four Pack No. 1 $6 $2 Four decks
Four Pack No. 2 $6 $2 Four decks
Eight Pack $10 $6 Eight decks
Super Eight Pack $12 $8 Eight decks plus rule book ($4)

With this mix of price and contents, most consumer will spend just a few dollars more to get a lot more game. To encourage this, on all the pages for the other packs, there will be information on benefits of upgrading to the Super Eight Pack.


Hold The Front Page!

The bulk of all sales on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG occur when the product is on the front page of the web site, either as part of the ‘Newest Releases’ or ‘Hottest Items’ sections. So the key to increasing sales is to stay there as long as possible and this is where having 14 products focused on selling just one product comes in useful.

A product’s position in the ‘Newest Releases’ section is governed only by how many and how quickly other products are released. Obviously, 6d6 has no control over when others will release products so no control over how quickly we will drop out off the ‘Newest Releases’ list but experience suggest that a product will remain there for about 48 hours.

On the otherhand the ‘Hottest Items’ list is control by the number of sales relative to the time it has been released. As a product appears on the ‘Newest Releases’ list it (if lucky) picks up some sales and bubbles onto the ‘Hottest Items’ list. This will generate some more sales to maintain its position but as it drops off the ‘Newest Releases’, the sale drop and the product falls off the ‘Hottest Items’ as well.


A Cunning Plan

We wish to get the Super Eight Pack on the ‘Hottest Items’ list and keep it there for as long as possible. So it will be the first product we release and as it appears on the ‘Newest Releases’ we hope it will pick up enough sales to make the ‘Hottest Items’ list. We release the Eight Pack 48 hours later, which ensures it appears in the ‘Newest Releases’ section just as the Super Eight Pack is dropping off. Anyone interested in buying the Eight Pack will see that the Super Eight Pack offers better value for money and buy that instead thus maintaining the Super Eight Pack on the ‘Hottest Items’ list.

With 13 other products, each released 48 hours after the previous one, we hope to keep a 6d6 Shootouts products in the ‘Newest Releases’ list for the best part of a month. Generating more sales and keeping the Super Eight Pack in the ‘Hottest Items’ list for as long as possible.


Release Schedule

  • Super Eight Pack – 24th April 2011
  • Eight Pack – 26th April 2011
  • Four Pack No. 1 – 28th April 2011
  • Four Pack No. 2 – 30th April 2011
  • Advanced Pack – 2nd May 2011
  • Rule Book – 4th May 2011
  • Gunslinger – 6th May 2011
  • Bartender – 8th May 2011
  • Woodsman – 10th May 2011
  • Native Brave – 12th May 2011
  • Homesteader – 14th May 2011
  • Native Scout – 16th May 2011
  • Cavalry Officer – 18th May 2011
  • Infantry Trooper – 20th May 2011