In Praise of 6d6

Excuse me for blowing my own trumpet, and the trumpets of the entire 6d6 Crew, but let me share with you some feedback we received.

Both these comments came from a thread about Con-Quest on the UK Roleplayers forum.

EvilGaz Said …

We finished the slot early enough to grab a bite to eat and then get an hour demo of the 6d6 system. Isn’t it great when you’ve got more than an hour in between slots at a convention?

Chris gave a well-polished demo of his game and I’ve a lot of respect for the game company feel he brings to conventions. Its something I’ve not really seen since the days of GenCon Loughborough, with White Wolf et al. To say its such a small operation and what his team bring to a convention, I think he’s doing a great job. If there were another half dozen groups like this then the Trader’s halls on the UK con scene would be really buzzing – I think this is the sort of thing that’s been missing for a few years now.

Although the Shootouts version of the game didn’t give me anything in particular I haven’t already got (altogether now people “Savage it!”), I’d recommend trying a demo session out with the 6d6 posse if you want to try something different.


Ben Lally (standing) running a game in the strange world of 6d6 Bots (author: B. Lally) with Ben Jackson (right) assisting.

And Then TheNovaLord said …

In the afternoon I played 6d6. At its most basic the cards-as-character sheet works splendidly for skills & flavour. With a group who where used to how it works I think it will be really fast and intense narrative game. The fact that you can make ~10,000 differing 4 card combos means it wont get stale.

It plays like how I like to play D&H, and somewhat like my Que Dieu system. I didnt join in any fights with my PC (we was all vampires) as it didnt seem to fit, and combat seemed a bit brutal and not going first and being attacked twice looked like, in fact was, insta-death.

One of my chums bought the mega set so i look forward to playing it again. I could easily use its system for a hack of many things. The 6d6 teams attitude is a shining beacon as Gaz mentions.

Thanks Guys

It is great to get feedback like this and it should all be directed at the every growing band of the 6d6 Crew. They are not paid and they don’t even get freebies 6d6 products but yet they still turn up. Not only week-in/week-out for the 6d6 open business meetings but they get themselves along to conventions and then spend all their time working.

It is their enthusiasm and energy that makes 6d6 such a hit at conventions.