Kill Your Friends. NOW!

6d6 Shootouts, the most fun you can have while killing your friends, is now available.

Easy, Quick & Fun

The three words we get hear most often from our players are ‘easy’, ‘quick’ and ‘fun’ which is exactly what we set out to achieve with 6d6 Shootouts. A game that was easy to learn, quick to play and above all, fun.

Just this weekend we were are Con-Quest running demonstration games. Here are what our players said:


6d6 Shootouts at Con-Quest

Quick & simple

It’s fun!

Great quick fire fun, easy to pick up with lots of flexibility!

Lots of fun, very quick and simple

It’s fun & quick

Immense fun!

18 Months of Constant Play-Testing

The rules and gameplay of 6d6 Shootouts have been polished smooth by 18 months of play-testing involving hundreds of different players. Where we found rules confused players or slowed the game down we simplified and adapted them. All the time remembering that a game has to be challenging; easy to learn but hard to master.


November 2010, Indiecon
One of the very early play-tests.

Skill Not Money

There are certain card games on the market where the person who buys the most cards, is pretty much certain of winning. There are other games where players have to hunt down the right card on ebay or get lucky when buying a pack to stand a chance.

We didn’t want that in our game. We think winning a game is about skill, not spending the most money or having the super-rare-gold-edition-apocalypse card.

Each of our eight character packs list all the cards in the pack so there are no surprises or disappointments. In the Advanced Pack can be found all the cards in the game. PDFs can be purchased very cheaply and players are encouraged to print their own copies. Our pre-printed cards may be heavyweight, 350 gsm double laminate but yours can be on cheap paper cut out with a pair of blunt scissors.

Watch The Game

Like any game, it is best to learn by seeing it played. Here is a little demo game we recorded. The video is about 35 minutes long and full games normally take about an hour to play.

Video by Spektifilms


For more information, visit the 6d6 Shootouts page on the the 6d6 RPG store or read the rule online, for free, via 6d6 Online.