Con-Quest in Six Days


In a little under a week, 6d6 will be at Con-Quest – the best UK one-day convention – and selling 6d6 Shootouts on its launch day.

Well Organised, Friendly, Local

Con-quest is the product of a bunch of veteran con-runners such as Darran Sims and their experience really comes out on the day. The event is well organised and well staffed but, most importantly, they remember to keep things fun, friendly and about gaming. If you are looking for your first experience of playing at a con, Con-Quest is a great place to start.

A big focus of Con-Quest is the traders. The con works hard to get a great range of traders into the venue and, importantly, just as much effort getting gamers in to browse and spend money. Most visitors to the show are their to shop rather than game and that makes for a great day for traders.

In 6d6 head-quarters (my 6′ x 8′ office) we consider Con-Quest to be our home convention. Only ten miles from our HQ, it means we can bring along the whole 6d6 Crew from Chimera. So we have a record of five 6d6 RPG games in one day plus lots of demo games for 6d6 Shootouts.


Cons are a great way to get to know people and network but 6d6 is a business and we have to focus on money. I hope to do better than last year. With a better product range and more experience I hope to beat the £144 we took last year though it is no means certain we will.

At Dragonmeet back in November, a larger one-day con in central London we took £149.50. At Sabrecon, a much smaller student one-day con back in March, we took £100.50. This suggests that the £100 – £150 range is about what 6d6 can expect from a one-day con.


If you are anywhere near Derby next Saturday, go to Con-Quest. Its great fun and full of great people. And don’t forget to drop by the 6d6 stand and say hello.