The Membership Bonus

It’s a good day to be a member of 6d6 Online because today, the complete PDFs for 6d6 Shootouts (worth £19.50) have been uploaded to their library.

A Different Way to Buy

The aim of 6d6 Online is to breakaway from the traditional problem associated with producing RPG games: The need to produce new editions to keep the money flowing in.

With traditional publishing, the RPG company has to regularly print new versions of their popular games just to keep the cash flowing in. Yes, the new editions do give writers the chance to fix problems with the old version, but a simple polish of the rules is unlikely to make many existing players buy a new copy. Publishers are driven by the need for cash to make changes where changes are not needed, simply to persuade players to upgrade.

6d6 thinks this is bad for the games, bad for gamers and ultimately bad for the company as their fan-based becomes frustrated with this constant cycle of releases.

Breaking the Cycle

Membership to 6d6 Online is part of how 6d6 is breaking this detrimental product cycle.

It gives us a steady stream of income that avoids the peaks and troughs of the normal product release cycle. This allows us to plan better and gives us the freedom to only produce new editions when we can genuinely improve on the old version. Whether that improvement is just rewording a few troublesome rules or a complete re-imaging of the game, it doesn’t matter. We only need to do it when it is right for the game.

In return for their support, members get access to the complete range of 6d6 products. Every product released, members can download and play the moment we publish it. Members also have access to the content and tools of 6d6 Online’s wiki to create their own material or remix official 6d6 products.

Entering the Mainstream

Today is a major milestone for the members of 6d6 Online.

Before today, those early adopters were getting relatively little for their money. They were kick-starting the 6d6 Online tools by their support. With the release of 6d6 Shootouts and its automatic inclusion in the PDF library, the members are getting something back. And there is more coming: Cybernetics, 6d6 Bots and 6d6 Magic, all in the next few months.

6d6 Online has huge potential to change the way we think about RPG publishing and how we buy products. Today, members are seeing a big step towards that future.