Citadel of Evil

A brief break in our coverage of 6d6 Shootouts to talk about Old School Renaissance (OSR), the joys of creative commons and farting cockroaches.

Emergency GM

Yesterday, our GM could not make it fell to me to get a stand-in game sorted out. I opted for running a simple 6d6 Magic adventure but, being short of time, I was unwilling to create something for scratch.

One Google later I had found a damn-fine one page, Old School Renaissance (OSR) adventure written by Stuart Robertson that was perfect for my needs. Noticing that it was under the CC-BY-SA license I felt obliged to take advantage of this and share the adventure on 6d6 Online.

Stripping the text and graphics from the original PDF I created a section on 6d6 Online for the Citadel of Evil.

Old School to New School

The conversion processed proved very interesting. Re-imaging the monsters was fun (Fire Beetles in 6d6 Magic turn out to be large, flatulent cockroaches). Dealing with the arbitrary nature of some of the hazards (e.g. where the players have a two in six chance of falling down a well) forced me to think in different ways about how these challenges should be present in 6d6 publications.

All-in-all, the two hours spent doing the conversion was worth it. Especially given the quality of Stuart’s original writing and ideas.

The only disappointment was that in the end, the whole game session few through so I’ve not run it. I’m sure I will need it soon enough and I may run it at a con sometime soon.