6d6 at Con-Quest

We are looking forward to returning to Con-Quest, our ‘home’ convention. Two years ago, it is the first convention where we demonstrated the 6d6 system and Savage Island. Last year it was the first convention where we had a proper trade stand and sold 6d6 products. This year we have the first demonstration games of a number of new settings.

The Plan

We will be running 6d6 Shootouts demonstration games throughout the day. Each game only takes an hour so its a great game to play with pint or a cup-of-tea.

We will also have a number of RPG sessions running.


“Crashing into Tartarus” – Ben Lally / 6d6 Bots

Join the creator of 6d6 Bots (coming soon) on adventure that will change you view of the solar system.

“Marionet” – Kieran Kowalski / 6d6 Core + Cybernetics

Join the writer of our Cybernetics supplement in a near-future adventure.

“Savage Island” – Matt Jackson / 6d6 Magic

Our tried and tested Savage Island adventure returns in this 6d6 Magic demonstration game with a new GM.


“Empty Spaces” – Faye Lampshire / Unnamed Project

A first public playtest of a new project. The setting is unnamed because we cannot find a title that involves vampires but doesn’t infringe a certain company’s trademarks.

“American Sweethearts” – Ben Jackson / Rebel Flesh

Another first public outing, this time for Rebel Flesh, an innovative modern horror setting by 6d6’s best selling author.

UK Role-Playing

If are in the UK and anywhere near Derby on the 14th April, make the effort to get along this great one-day con. This our third year and each year I’m more impressed by how well the event is organised and the general spirit of the event.

We must also mention the UK Role-Players forum where you will find many of the traders, GMs and players who are planning to attend the event.