Sales and Releases

One of the things made clear in my post about our plan for 2012 is that the number of goods sold has to rise significantly. We will do this through improvements in our 6d6 RPG store but the main driver will be new product releases.

6d6 Shootouts

First of the product launches is 6d6 Shootouts. This is already complete and was on sale at Sabrecon but I haven’t had time yet to update the web site and promote the release. Shootouts is a great game and has real potential but it is primarily a physical product that needs to be distributed through shops. This cuts the margin per sale and requires a fair amount of work. This will at least give us a product that eases players into the world of 6d6 gaming without the need to go whole hog on the rule books and supplements.

RPGs In Spaaaaace!

After 6d6 Shootouts we have the 6d6 Cybernetics supplement by Kieran Kowalski. As a fairly specialised product that will mainly appeal to people interested in SF and already playing 6d6, it will not be a big-seller in it is own right but will create marketing opportunities.

Quantum Flux is also written by Kieran and anyone interested Cybernetics is likely to be interested in this SF adventure. Neither has Quantum Flux been launched on RPG Now which leaves us with a variety of special offers and promotion we can run on our own store and on RPG Now such as Quantum Flux & Cybernetics & 6d6 Core Starter pack and a Quantum Flux & Outbreak! Adventure Double Bill.


Next out of the gate is 6d6 Bots. This is a setting unlike any other, where the players are robots on a dark and strange future Earth. This will be our first complete setting for the 6d6 RPG and a major milestone in the company. It is difficult to gauge how popular it will be because SF settings tend to do less well than fantasy or horror settings and it is a unique setting. One that I think will only appeal to a subset of gamers but those gamers will love it.

Consequently, selling 6d6 Bots will be very much focused on the content rather than the price. We need to find those gamers to whom it strongly appeals and gain sales from the products quality rather than special pricing.

Its A Kind of Magic!

Following on from 6d6 Bots is 6d6 Magic, our standard fantasy setting. This will be a flagship product because it is the one most people are likely to try and judge the 6d6 RPG on. We are confident it will be a good product and have broad appeal based on the popularity of fantasy games among gamers.

Pushing The Membership

With each new product release, from 6d6 Shootouts to 6d6 Magic the value of memberships to 6d6 Online increases. The plan is to keep prices for membership at the current level or even drop them as the number of products released grows. This will make memberships more and more cost effective and attractive to consumers over individual products.

This has two key advantages for 6d6 (and our writers). Firstly memberships have almost no costs associated with them so they are highly profitable. Secondly the income, because it is a monthly subscription, smooths out the peaks and troughs associate with normal product release cycles.

Quiet Confidence

Over the last three months, word of 6d6 has spread and reached people who were previously completely ignorant of the game. Their reaction has generally been positive and in many cases wildly enthusiastic. This has given me confidence that we have a good range of products that connects and appeals to gamers.

With each new release, we reach a new and larger audiance that then help spreads the word ahead of the next release. Generating sales for the newly released product but also for the back-catalog. With care and an awfull lot of hard work, I’m quietly confident we will stay on target and make a profit in 2012.