Facebook, G+ and All That

Facebook have finally forced us to upgrade to their new timeline feature so it seems like a good time to remind everyone of all the different ways you can follow 6d6’s journey through the RPG business.


We have a 6d6 Fireball Facebook page which carries links to blog posts, our video updates and occasional posts about artwork and sales. Because Facebook make interacting with our customers hard, the page tends to be a very passive and all the contents appear elsewhere.

Google+ (as Chris Tregenza)

I’m most active on the Chris Tregenza G+ account. Here you will find a lot of posts about the business side of 6d6 as well as artwork, miscellaneous posts and completely off-topic stuff. I tend to use G+ as my sounding board for ideas so it is the best place to really keep track of the day-to-day life of an RPG company. If you are not on G+ yet, this post will get you started.

Google+ (official 6d6 page)

Very much like the Facebook page except that it gets updated more often and carries exclusive offers.


6d6 is a very visual game so we have our own 6d6 video channel. I try to do daily videos on what is happening with the company but time and other factors mean these tend to be sporadic. There are also the occasional video promoting the game or showing how its played. You can also find channels from other 6d6 members include Phay’s video channel and Jim Spekticat.


I’m a big Twitter fan but 6d6’s twitter account tends to be fairly low traffic at the moment. A lot of what I used to use Twitter for, I now use G+. What you will see on there is a small amount of the normal Twitter chatter, notification of new blog posts and the occasional special offer.


If you are after special offers on 6d6 products, you need to sign-up to the 6d6 Newsletter. Subscribers always get the first chance to buy and the cheapest deals on 6d6 products. We only send out messages very occasionally, normally clustered around release dates of new products so it is the most convenient, lowest traffic way to stay in touch.