I Guess We Are A Proper RPG Company Now

Yes, 6d6 can call itself a proper RPG business because we are late with some of our products. Not just by a little bit either. We are late by several months.


If you have ever wondered why RPG companies (especially small ones) are so often late, here are some of the things that have delayed us over the last few months.

1. Getting It Right

There are too many crappy products in the world and 6d6 doesn’t want to add to the pile. If we find something that isn’t good enough in a product we will fix it, even if that means being late.

2. System Upgrade

All of our products depend on 6d6 Online to produce the books and cards. This leads to the game and the system being closely linked and in some cases, we need to expand or improve the system in order to create the game’s content.

3. Writers

Like any RPG company we are dependent on our writers delivering the goods and sometimes they don’t. If they don’t write, we cannot publish. Normally the writers have a good reasons for the lack of productivity and as they are doing it in their spare time, for little or no money, it not surprising that sometimes writing has to take the backseat to real life.

4. Printers (and Other Suppliers)

Our printing needs are more complicated than most and finding printers who will work with us and do so at a sensible price is time consuming. It then doesn’t help when your first printer goes bankrupt a week before you are due to place the order and then a second printer messes you about, fails to return phones call and forces you to switch printers again. Also, word of advice to other businesses, if a supplier has the word “Rapid” in their name, check that their idea of what rapid means is the same as yours.

5. Underestimating The Workload

Sometimes you get things wrong. Easy jobs turn out to be hard, hard jobs turnout to be incredibly hard. Everything takes longer than you expect.

6. Keeping the Flame Alive

Running games, meeting writers, talking to FLGS owners, social networking and going to conventions all are vital to the success of the company and all take time. More time than you might expect and every hour spent spreading the word is an hour lost on the production schedule.

Size Matters

Most, if not all of the problems above can be fixed by throwing money at the problem but small companies don’t have that luxury. Larger companies can pay their writers better, enabling them to focus more on writing and less on keeping a roof over their heads. Big companies place bigger orders making them more important to their printers and suppliers. With more staff and more money to hire staff, systems can be upgraded quicker and more hands can be thrown at problems.

Of course, we don’t have the luxury of being a large company which leaves us with just one option, to apologise for being late.


We are sorry for the delay. Just as we are working to improve our products, we are working at improving every aspect of our business, including scheduling.

Thank you for your patience and a new release schedule will be announced shortly.

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