Sales Figures and Publicity for Small RPG Publishers

Sales of the 6d6 RPG introductory bundle are going well and in just ten days we have tripled our (admittedly modest) target for the entire promotion. Part of that success has come from coverage on other blogs such as Troll in the Corner and the Roleplayer Chronicles as well as numerous tweets and G+ shares. But, one particular mention of 6d6 caught my eye, or more exactly, my ear.

A few days ago, the lovely Liz mentioned our bundle on the Nearly Enough Dice podcast (episode 32). With permission, I’ve taken their comments and made a short video.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

So how useful are comments and coverage like this (and by useful, I mean financially beneficial)?

It is difficult to say but we are still seeing a steady trickle of sales on RPG Now. It is impossible to pin down the source of those sales but they do seem to correspond to coverage on podcasts and blogs.

My best guess is that Liz’s enthusiasm has directly generated one to three sales. This my not sound like much, but to 6d6 and every small RPG producer, each sale is both special and vital.

A Summary of the Numbers

As of 10am Saturday 25th February, our numbers for the 6d6 Core + Outbreak! + Starter Pack are:

  • Current Position in RPGNow Top 100: 13 (1)
  • Units Sold: 38
  • Average Price: $14.03 (2)
  • Gross Revenue: $505.00
  • After RPGNow’s 35% cut: $328.25
  • UK Equivalent: £218.83
  • Payment to Author (Ben Jackson): £72.94
  • 6d6 Gross Revenue: £145.88

We have also picked up a sale of Mince Pies & Murder, the first in nine months so I suspect that this is as a direct result of the introductory bundle.


(1) The top game on the RPGNow (‘the leading site for indie RPGs’) Top 100 is the Marvel Heroic RPG, which on the DriveThruRPG site is number one in the main chart, not the indie chart. I’m sure it is not deliberate manipulation / promotion by the RPGNow people but hardly fair. It would be nice if publishers had to choose which site / top 100 they wished to be counted in.

(2) This is steadily rising. Early sales featured many at the special price of $10 followed by a matching number of ‘introductory price’ $15 sales. Now the price is $20 and we are still seeing sales.