6d6 Success on RPGNow


We have had a fantastic response to the launch of 6d6 on RPGNow / DriveThruRPG and generated some amazing reviews such as this one.

… As soon as I started reading the 6d6 Core rules, I fell in love with this system. It’s a fiendishly simple system that you can pick up in an instant, and start playing almost immediately (or as fast as your printer will spit out the cards, if you buy the PDF version). It takes a simple card combination and dice resolution system and makes it – wonderful.

Andrew Sanderson – 5 Star Review on RPG Now

Money, Money, Money

Enthusiastic reviews put a spring in a game designer’s step but you cannot spend them. We have very specific financial targets for 2012 which we must hit in order to survive and the good news is that we have exceeded our expectations for this sale after just a couple of days.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Total Sales to Date: 22
  • Average Price: $12.50
  • Sales at Full Price $15: 11
  • Sales at Discount Price $10: 11
  • Gross Revenue to Date: $275.00
  • Revenue after RPGNow’s 35% cut: $178.25 (~ £118)
  • Approximate Payment to Author (Ben Jackson): £39
  • 6d6 Income Before Tax and Overhead Costs: £78

That last number is the killer. This promotion has taken about three days of work – writing & rewriting the sales pages, creating marketing emails, drawing up banner ads, interacting with people on Twitter & G+, encouraging people to review the product, writing blog posts like this one and countless other little tasks that eat time. For that three days of work I’ve earned £78, about £3.25 per hour or half minimum wage. This is before overhead costs and the cost of two years spent developing the product.

It is not easy making money as a small RPG publisher.

Making Progress

One very important thing to note about the sales figures is the split between full price and discount price sales.

The discount price was available to members of our newsletter, RPG Now users who had download 6d6 Ultra-Lite and followers of our Google+ page. All these people had some form of existing connection with 6d6 and they made up most of the early sales. The important thing is the other twelve sales. These were people who knew little about 6d6 before this launched and were converted into customers by our marketing message and the great reviews we were getting.

It is these strangers to 6d6 and our ability to convert them into customers that will decide whether 6d6 hits its financial targets. After this week I am confident that our message and products are good and that if we can reach 10 times the number of people we will generate 10 times the level sales. If we can reach this larger audience, 6d6 will not only survive, but prosper.