Google+ & RPGs: Are You Missing Out?

Over on Google+ there is a thriving role playing scene for writers, artists and gamers chatting, sharing and playing together. All of it happening off many people’s radar.

While media pundits have claimed Google+ is a failure (despite it being the fast growing social network ever) strong and vibrant communities have been forming on it. One of these is a diaspora of RPG players spread around the world and with a broad range of interests.

On Google+ there is a culture where OSR grognards, 4e players and indie gamers can all rub shoulders without the normal frictions and rancour that poisons many online communities. The level of discourse is higher and more polite than is found elsewhere, probably a result of Google’s name policy and the features of the network like circles, .

The Hardest Problem – Solved!

The problem with any social network, real or digital, is finding interesting people to connect with. Many gamers signed up at the beginning of Google+ and then were faced with a barren wasteland of a home page because they were not following anyone who posted regularly. Fortunately Google have helped to solve this problem by allowing the sharing of circles. (In case you are not familiar with Google+ circles, it is a way of grouping people so you can have all your RPG friends in one circle and your family in another).

I’m sharing a circle of just over 100 people for the new or returning Google+er to follow. There are mostly people who post regularly about gaming or subjects interesting to gamers. Some are bloggers and writers you may of heard of but many are simply people I’ve met online and found interesting. Not everyone on the list may be to your taste but it’s a great way to get started.

This Is Important!

When you follow someone they have the chance to follow you back or to block you and if your account looks like a spammer or a non-gamer, there is a good chance they will block you.

So before follow anyone make sure you:

  • 1. Have a Google+ account.
  • 2. Enter your real name and use the Nickname if you have an alternative name you use online.
  • 3. Upload a profile picture. THIS IS VITAL. No picture = Spammer in many people’s books.
  • 4. Fill in the interest section and make it obvious you are a gammer.
  • 5. Post something to your stream, introducing yourself to the world including your gaming interests.

Once you’ve down all of these, go to my shared circle and an click on the ‘Add Circle’ link. In the blink of an eye, you will have a vibrant stream full of gamers.