Head Down

Today and the next few days, will be all about writing code.

For 6d6 Shootouts, and a desirable feature generally, we need a way to place graphic images on the cards. Getting this working with SVG was pretty easy but it turns out that a key feature I need is missing. Specifically being able to mix bitmap images (jpg etc) with SVG so I can mix images and text directly from 6d6 Online. Though SVG supports bitmaps the PDF generator we use, MPDF, does not allow bitmaps within SVGs.

I have a work-around. Using the bitmap as a CSS background to a transparent SVG image. The trouble is that this requires a fairly major change to the code we use to generate the cards. This code is a mess, something hacked together as I was getting to grips with Dokuwiki. So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and rewrite it all.

This will take a few days but will enable me to make some major improvements to 6d6 Online. Making it easier for members to find, organise and print their cards. It will lay the ground work to future improvements such as a user-friendly way of creating cards.

The whole images-on-cards issue has proven a major stumbling block on our development path so I’m going to get my head down and solve the problem once and for all. Don’t expect to see anything substantial from me until I can post examples of the new system working.

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  1. Personally, I appreciate all the effort you go to to make this game great. Hitting learning curve after curve, to get a handle on HTML, CSS and now SVG… I find that a really promising sign that you’re committed to the future of 6d6 and making the experience of the game better and better. Keep it up!

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