New Year’s Sale – Final Figures

A big thanks to everyone who help publicise the sale and above all purchased 6d6 stuff over the last few years. You have all given me a great start to the year.

I’ll do some more detail analysis later in the week but the final sales were:

  • 1 x 6d6 Core PDF @ £5.25
  • 8 x Lifetime Memberships @ £25
  • 3 x Lifetime Memberships @ £30

Gross income – £295.50

There is about £110 of costs, writers payments etc, leaving me with £185. Beating both the January & February’s targets (£150 combined) and starting to nibble into March’s target (£200).

Again, many thanks.

Now I need to get my head down and finish 6d6 Shootouts and 6d6 Magic.