A Brilliant Start To 2012

2012 is make-or-break year for 6d6. We either get sales up to a commercially viable level or we crash & burn (see below for more details). As part of our plan for the year, we have a sales target for each month with the targets starting small and rapidly increasing towards the end of the year.

I’m delighted to say that our New Year’s Day sale has started the month and the year in brilliant fashion. We have had already hit our sales target for January and there is a reasonable chance we can get a long way into February’s goal at the same time.

The target we are talking about for January is very small – £50 worth of profit, about £75 worth of sales. By the end of the year, we need £2000 of profit, about £3500 worth of sales, in a month so we have a mountain to climb. But every journey begins with a first step and this has been a great first step.

Buy Buy Buy

The success of the New Year’s Day sale is down to the massive discount on memberships to 6d6 Online. A product that normally sells for £150 is available for just £30. It will never have such a low price price again but I wanted to start off the year with a bang. It is only available for another 24 hours so grab it now whilst you can.


Part of the success of the sales is down to the great support I’ve received from people like Game Knight Reviews, Mithril & Magic Mages, Fame & Fortune, UbiquitousRat’s Roleplaying Dreams, Grimtree Games, @Mondocomico, RPG Bloggers Network and the Roleplay Bloggers Alliance plus all the fab people on Google+ & Twitter.

Happy New Year

I hope your New Year was as positive and fun as mine. Let us all have a great, gaming 2012.

Background on 2012: The Year We Make A Profit – here, here, here and here.


    1. I just saw it on G+. Your support is much appreciated.

      I’m downloading your latest podcast as I type. My work patterns don’t leave me much time to listen to podcasts normally but I’m going for some fresh air in a little while and taking you with me.

  1. Congrats on the excellent start to 2012, Chris. I will pick on you still. It’s Mithril and Mages, not Mithril and Magic. Hehe.

    All the best to you and your team.

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