Can You Afford To Ignore This?

It has been a massively successful year for 6d6. We have launched our RPG along with three adventures and they have all got fantastic reviews. But 2012 will be the defining year for us. As we have been documenting in our series of posts (here, here, here and here), in 2012 we have to reach a level of sales and profitability that ensures 6d6 will be around not just next year but year after year after year.

Right Here, Right Now

To kick-start this process we have a two day sale. There are small reductions off our hard-copy and PDFs but there is a massive reduction on one product – Lifetime memberships to 6d6 Online.

Normal price – £150

Sale Price – £30

This is the bargain of the year. As a member you get full access to 6d6 Online which allows you to create your own 6d6 material, remix official 6d6 products and even be involved in writing them.

Members also get PDFs of all 6d6 products. Not just our current products but all the products we ever produce until the heat-death of the universe.

What’s Coming

Members instantly get access to Mince Pies & Murder, 6d6 Core, Outbreak! and Quantum Flux. And over the coming weeks and months these works-in-progress titles with be published.

6d6 Magic brings the power and simplicity of the 6d6 RPG to fantasy worlds.
6d6 Bots is a strange and humorous future version of Earth where humans sit by the pool drinking margaritas and robots do everything else. Most trying to stop the humans being torn to bits by mutant vegetation, martians or psychopathic robots.
Rebel Flesh is a dark and brutal modern horror setting for the 6d6 RPG.
6d6 Hellenic places the players in the gold age of Greece. As champions of the gods the characters explore strange lands, kill hideous monsters and try to fulfil the unfathomable demands of their patrons.
Cybernetics is a supplement for the 6d6 Core that has rules and cards for augmented humans.

All This for £30?

Yes but only for two days. The sale ends at midnight on the 2nd January 2012.

Don’t miss out on the most exciting RPG of the year at its lowest ever price.