Looking For A Genuinely New Setting?

Coming in the Spring of 2012, we have two new and inventive settings and you can read them for free.

Rebel Flesh

Our world wasn’t created by some kindly, benevolent god. It was created by the divine equivalent of the disturbed kid down the street who likes torturing kittens. We live a life of pain and suffering because that is exactly how they like it. Just to make sure we don’t accidentally find love and happiness, Practitioners stalk the land, twisting reality and torturing flesh.

But hidden amongst us are a few who know the truth, who can see the Practitioners for what they are. Armed with technology and ancient magics, they fight back.

Set in the modern world, Rebel Flesh explores a new mythos of pain and suffering, secret societies, cults, conspiracies and mathematics. It is a visceral experience, focusing on the agony and disability that a lifetime of fighting brings. As well as full details about the setting and a host of original monsters it introduces the concept of a Wound Deck and disabilities to 6d6. In Rebel Flesh, the mind is strong but the flesh is so so weak.

6d6 Bots

Sometime in the future, the human race is (proverbially) sitting by its pool, drinking its margarita and marvelling at how clever it is to have created sentient robots to do all the work. Of course, sitting by the pool is about all the human race can do. When the Earth’s flora and fauna suddenly mutated into a homicidal bio-mass, humanity was forced into two mega-cities protected by forcefields that allowed nothing organic in or out. Stuck in a gilded cage, humanity is reduced to issuing vague missions to robots and hoping that they do it.

At first the Bots, as the sentient robots call themselves, were loyal and everything humanity wished for. But between badly worded missions and the inherent foolhardiness of giving slaves intelligence and free will, things started to go wrong. Radical Bots called themselves the Unleashed and set about destroying humans. Other Bots play lip-service to humanity, completing their missions only when it fits in with their own plans. Between the deadly bio-mass outside the cities, the Unleashed in the cities, the Martian threat (an unintended consequence of terraforming), and deep moral questions about free will and responsibility, its not an easy time to be a sentient machine.

6d6 Bots brings heavy metal to the 6d6 RPG. As Bots, the characters must grapple with complex philosophical question about the nature of freedom whilst fighting off fireflies the size of small cars in a dark and, at times, downright strange dystopian future.


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