Free PDF Reminder – 24 Hours To Go

A quick reminder that if you want to grab a free copy of the 6d6 Core PDF worth £7.95, you need to sign-up to the newsletter by tomorrow, Monday.

The newsletter is an occasional missive from 6d6 about new products, release schedules and news of special discounts just for its readers. It is a spam free zone and you can drop-off the list whenever you want.

The free PDF comes with the Living Document Promise which means you will get updates to the PDF whenever the game is updated. No matter how many version we produce. It is a free game for life.

What are you waiting for, sign-up now.


  1. Wow don’t know how I missed this deal but I’ll sign up for the newsletter so I don’t miss this kind of deal next time.

  2. Thank you very much for this straightforward freebie offer. To show my appreciation, I’ve already forwarded the pdf to three of my friends that showed interest in trying out the 6d6. Best wishes for zounds of profit!

    1. My pleasure and thank you for letting me know. It is reassuring to know the word is spreading.


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