2012: The Year We Make A Profit

Do you have ideas about how to run an RPG company? Do you want to know more about the game publishing industry? Would you like to help 6d6 become a profitable company?


Anyone who has been following this web site over the last few months will know that we aren’t generating much in the way of sales. Clearly this is not a situation that can go on indefinitely. Doubly so as I’m already dependent on my partner for paying the mortgage and most of the household bills. So I have set myself a simple goal.

By the end of 2012 I need to be putting enough money into my pocket to pay my fair share of the household bills.

I will be posting details on how much money this is and how much we need to sell to acheive it over the next few days. If I can get my income to this level it assures 6d6’s future into 2013 and beyond.

How To Score?

I’ve set my goal but what I haven’t set is how to achieve it and this is where I’m looking for help.

As my goal boils down to selling more stuff, this is where we require the most help. I need people to chip in with ideas and useful bits of knowledge that will help me sell more products. This will be an on-going and open process as ideas are suggested, refined, put into practice and reviewed over the coming weeks and months.

I do not know where this process will lead us but I do know some of the things that will happen along the way. There will be a lot of ideas and advice that I cannot use. There will be some that I can use but choose to ignore and there will be ideas implemented that don’t work. But there will also be ideas that have never occurred to me and make a real difference to the future of 6d6.

Be Involved

To take part in this process, all you have to do is keep reading the blog and throw in some comments every now again.

If you are on G+ (and I strongly suggest you join if not, there is a great RPG community on it), make sure you have me circled. Drop me a message and I will add you to the “2012: The Year We Make a Profit” group that I notify whenever I post something relevent.

There is also a section on the Online Tools where I will be documenting the plans.

Finally, sign-up for the 6d6 Newsletter.