Free 6d6 Core PDF worth £7.50

Fancy a copy of the 6d6 Core rule sets worth £7.50?

All you have do is sign-up for the 6d6 Newsletter by the end of Sunday the 4th December.

This is a registered copy of the PDF so it comes with the Living Document Promise. Which means you will always have the most update-to-date version of the 6d6 RPG available. No matter how many versions we release you always have the latest version.

No Spam, No Spam, Eggs, Chips and No Spam

The newsletter is an occasional mailing we send out with release schedules and special discounts for subscribers. It is definitely not spam and you can always quit the mailing list whenever you want (and keep the PDF).

Get That PDF

Next week, a message will go out to all the Newsletters subscribers giving the details on how to download the PDF. This ensures that all our loyal readers, not just the Johnny-Come-Latelies, get the core 6d6 RPG rules.