Play Testing Shootouts

Had a pretty good 6d6 Shootouts test tonight, getting in three games. The first was a straight Deathmatch. This scenario is well proven but I want to make sure the 6d6 Crew, and particularly Sonny, was up to speed with the latest changes. In a week and a half’s time Sonny will be running it at Dragonmeet so needs to be confident with the game.

The next game was Zombie Town where the players have to deal with a steady growing zombie menace. This worked well and it was a close game. Slight problem with too many zombies being killed so I will tweak their strength but overall this scenario is finished.

Last was Cattle Rustling which fell flat on its face. We only had three players for this game and all the cattle were captured very quickly. Mostly because the layout of the playing area and the distance between the characters meant it was impossible to stop a character branding a head of cattle. I think for three players, double the number of cattle should be used. Or possibly, place the cattle different at the start which ensures there will be stampedes. I shall give this some thought before fixing it.

It was disappointing that Cattle Rustling threw up a problem as I thought it was done, but this is the point of play-testing. Each time we find and fix a problem the game gets better.