Indiecon from a Buisness P.o.V.

Following on from our post OddCon From A Business P.o.V. this is a review of Indiecon from a trader / publisher’s point of view. Look out for a more player centric review of the con from X-Humed in the next few days.

Basic Costs

Indiecon takes place on the Dorset coast, in a holiday village about 200 miles from 6d6’s home base of Nottingham. This makes it an expensive convention from a travel point of view but the accommodation is reasonably cheap once you factor in that it is for three people for three nights. It is also self-catering which makes it a lot cheaper to eat than a hotel based convention.

Accomodation £270.00
Petrol £69.35
Food & Drink £69.46
Total £408.81

The food & drink includes supplies for the party (see below) and my personal food. Plus some things like bread & cheese that all three of used but Ben & Phay also supplied their own food. There is also the cost of a few drinks in the bar, snacks and other incidentals which should add another £10 – £20 onto the total.

For Oddcon I spent £125 for transport and accommodation but that was just for myself and for only two nights. This time there were three of us for Indiecon and it was for three nights of accommodation (plus we could of stayed an extra night for no extra cost). So cost wise, Indiecon and Oddcon were about the same per person.

The Event

Where as Oddcon suffered from an excess of Pathfinder / D&D players who had no interest in 6d6 products, Indiecon is all about indie-gamers. Everyone there wanted to try different games and experience a wide range of systems so it was the perfect crowd for a small company like 6d6.

Indiecon also had more sessions with three slots per day for three days. We could have run nine different slots of 6d6 games but we choose not to over do it and only ran in four. This was to balance out the demands on the GMs and ensure we always had someone on the sales table. We also have a limited amount of material (most of which we ran last year) so it is doubtful we could of run in any more slots.

In total we ran for twenty different people. A few had played before but we at least twice as many people got to experience 6d6 for the first time than Oddcon. Even so the cost per person who experienced the game for the first time is high at around £26 per person.

What we Sold

6d6 Core Hard Copy 3 x £17.50 £52.50
Library Card 2 x £30.00 £60.00
Mince Pies & Murder Hard Copy 1 x £15.00 £15.00
Outbreak! Hard Copy 1 x £25.00 £25.00
Quantum Flux Hard Copy 1 x £25.00 £25.00
Generic Modern Card Starter Pack 3 x £15.00 £45.00
Blank Cards, Dice and Odds & Sods £15.00
Total £237.50

This is five times as many sales as Oddcon from about three times as many convention members which demonstrates the difference in the people attending. However, it still means I am £171 out of pocket even if I ignore the cost of the stock sold.

Advertising & Networking

On the Saturday night we held a party in our chalet, having invited everyone who had played 6d6 over the weekend plus a few more besides. As well as being a lot of fun, we got to spend some time socialising with various players, traders and organisers. Doing this cost about £50 but in terms of good will and connections, it is money well spent. I’m confident that I shall make that money back one way or the other.

Having the trade table in the main gaming hall also gave us a chance to chat to a lot of people over the weekend. Everyone, except the most unobservant, will have noticed our presence and we probably talked to around a quarter of the people at the convention.

Is It Worth It?

Despite the relatively high out-of-pocket costs, Indiecon is worth it. The type of person Indiecon attracts is exactly the sort of person who will try and buy something new. A small RPG publisher cannot ask for anything else and I expect 6d6 to be going for many years to come.