6d6 Core Reviewed on Geekcentricity – “Impressive”

The 6d6 Core rule set has been reviewed on Geekcentricity.

Now with that said, let me talk about the game play itself: 6d6 is a very smooth engine, and undeniably fun to play. The mechanics are like a well-oiled machine once you get used to them, and the way in which the game streamlines clunky rules while dramatically enhancing the individual playing options is pretty impressive. The game itself appears to have been written with no real expectations on players other than to open their minds and have fun playing….

Rulebooks in and of themselves are often quite difficult to review. They are dry and, well, full of rules. I think that is why so many companies give you page after page of gorgeous art and fancy layouts… that way you’ll have something to talk about. But seriously, 6d6 comes at you with such a fresh idea for gaming that it is one of those games where you won’t mind really reading the book cover to cover.

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