Are You Willing To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?

Is this scene familiar to you?

Non-Gamer: Role-playing is a waste of time.

Gamer: You’re wrong. RPGs teach social skills, planning, co-operation and creativity. Games are a vital part of the learning process and we should play more of them, not less.

I’m sure many of you are nodding your head in recognition and agreement but do you really believe this? Do you really think games are important education tools?

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A Real-Life Hero

Brian Pedersen does and he is a real-life hero. Anyone can run into a burning building to rescue a kitten or perform the Heimlich Maneuver to save a fellow diner. What Brian does is far braver and harder than that.

Week in, week out, he practices what he believes.

Brian believes that games are vital educational tools and runs a games club at the school where he teaches. Its been a great success, the kids love it and they are seeing real educational benefits. This guy is giving up his free time, helping the kids and helping create a whole new generation of gamers.

Are you doing even 1% of that?

Kids playing games

Kids Need To Game

To take the project up to the next level, Brain wants to take over a section of the school library and fill it with games. Kids will be able to take games out of the library exactly the same way they do with books. This extends the reach of games to people who would not (or cannot) attend a games club and gives the gamer kids more opportunity to learn and play games.

But Brian needs games to put on the shelves and that needs money.

School Backing

It is a measure of Brian’s commitment and reputation that the school has agreed to provide $2000 to buy games. Think about that for a moment. A school is willing to spend $2000 on games because of Brian. Anyone who has ever tried to get a school to spend money on anything, let alone on games, knows how much work that must of taken.


The Catch

The only problem is that the $2000 of funding is dependent on Brian raising $2000 from other sources.

This is good because it means the school will buy $4000 of games for the kids. But it is bad because Brian needs to find $2000 pretty quickly.

Are You Real Gamer?

If you’ve ever said to anyone that games teach important life skills. Even if you’ve ever just thought it, you should take action and help Brian. While you have been arguing about edition wars or playing the latest cool indie game, Brian has been using games to make a real difference to kids lives. Brian is a real gamer. Are you?

3 Things You Can Do

1. Tell people about Brian’s work. A project like this needs publicity, publicity and publicity so get out their and tweet, Facebook, blog, G+ or stand on a street corner and shout. However you do it, get Brian’s message out there.

2. Give money to the Kids Need To Game fund raising drive on IndieGoGo.

3. Give money to the Kids Need To Game. Yes I know I’ve already mentioned it but this is important. Can you think of anything more important to do with that $5 in your pocket than help kids play games? Of course not so get donating now.

Naaaaiq & Me :D

You can find Brian as @DaneOfWar on Twitter, as Brian Pedersen on G+, and as writer on Geekcentricty.


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