6d6 Magic – Follow Its Development

Thanks to the launch of the 6d6 Online Tools I can now share with work on various projects as it progresses. Today I’m working on 6d6 Magic, the fantasy version of the 6d6 Core.

The start page for 6d6 Magic on the wiki has the table of contents. A lot of this is links to the relevant 6d6 Core pages but there is also content specific to 6d6 Magic, such as the bestiary. There are some pages that have not been created yet but are in the contents list. These are placeholders for content that still needs to be written.

Rough As Can Be

This is work-in-progress. You are looking at rough notes, first drafts and unedited work. There are typos, bad grammar and whole paragraphs that make no sense. If you like your RPGs to highly polished I suggest not looking and waiting until the PDF comes out. On the other hand, if you want to see the good and the bad of how a major RPG product develops, take a look.

If you would like to help, either in creating content or just polishing what is already there, you need to join the 6d6 Online Tools. Any member of the tools can edit 6d6 Magic exactly as I can.

Follow the Feed

The wiki has an RSS feed if you would like updates every time a page changes. Your milage will vary over how useful this is but here are the RSS feed for various sections of the wiki:

Christmas Present

The planned release date for 6d6 Magic is 24th December 2011.