6d6 Online Tools – The Revolution Starts Here

Today is the launch of the 6d6 Online Tools and I believe it is a revolution in RPG publishing. It is a whole new model of how publishers and players can interact, financially and creatively.

The three pillars of the revolution are Value of Money, Control of the Future and Freedom to Create.


The RPG industry is littered with bankrupt companies and broken dreams. Not because people who run RPG companies are bad business people but because it is a difficult market. Publishing games is expensive but the market is small. Unless a game reaches a high level of success it is almost impossible for it to break-even, let alone provide a long-term stable income.

6d6 is changing that.

The Online Tools dramatically cut the cost of producing a game by making it easier for people to work together to write, edit and proof-read games. Its PDF generator cuts out the time spent on layout and allows members to fix problems and create new versions in moments. The money saved though this allows us to pay our writers a fair share of the income which means they can keep creating new games.

By joining a member of the 6d6 Online Tools you are supporting the long-term growth of the hobby we love and we reward that support. When you join the 6d6 Online Tools you receive the PDF versions of all our products plus the PDFs of all products released while you are a member. Even when you stop being a member, thanks to the Living Document Promise, you receive updates to all those PDFs forever.

That is value for money.


How many great RPGs have you seen ruined by inept publishers. Release dates missed not by weeks but by years; sub-standard supplements; unnecessary new editions; radical rules changes the fans don’t want. Too often, publisher treats their players as people who don’t matter, whose opinions can be ignored.

6d6 believe the game belongs to the players, not the publisher.

This is why members of the 6d6 Online Tools, control the future of the 6d6 RPG. Members can edit all the 6d6 products and shape how the system grows and develops. If we, as the publisher, decide to change some of the rules we edit the Wiki just like any other member. If other people don’t like those changes, they can restore the original or write their own version. The game is in the hands of the players.

That is control of the future.


OGL, GSL, SRD. It seems that even when games companies are trying to be open they still want to set limits on how people can be creative. We believe that this approach is completely at odds with RPGs. Role-playing is all about creativity and imagination. How can a company say “This is a game about imagination but only within the tight limits we have defined in this licence?”

With the 6d6 RPG, you are free to do (almost) whatever you like with it.

We use the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA) licences that says you can use our game and content any way you like with two conditions: 1) You must credit the 6d6 / the original author and 2) you must release your work under the same licence. Other than these minor requirements you are allowed to re-use, remix, sell and give away our games and adventures.

That is freedom to be creative.

The Revolution Starts Here

The 6d6 Online Tools are now online for all to see. Here, have a look, explore and read the rules, read the adventures, read the work in progress such as 6d6 Magic.

If you want to get the finished products for free; if you want to help shape the 6d6 RPG; if you want to be creative, join the 6d6 Online Tools.