Reviews – Some New, Some Old, Some Wanted

We have had some great reviews in the past couple of weeks.

New Reviews

The Rhetorical Gamer has done a lovely, in-depth review of the 6d6 Core rule set.

Overall, this is a really tight little rules set that is very detailed. I’ve played and enjoyed card-based systems before and I’m impressed with the innovation for play and the interplay of cards and flow that go into making up actions. It changes the dynamic from a typical tabletop RPG and even from the other card-based RPGs I’ve played. The freedom to design an action from all your cards is compelling – though possibly also a little overwhelming – and also creates a lot of potential for discussion during sessions about what is appropriate and what cards can be used.

Full Review – Playing the 6D6 RPG (a review type post)

Alex at the BattReps blog has also reviewed the 6d6 Core but from a surprising angle – solo play.

It is obvious; 6d6 core is many games in one. If you have Game Master and several friends, you can play it like any other RPG. If there is just the two of you, you can create two characters and start a duel, just like with any CCG, with the one difference that 6d6 encourage you to create your own cards instead of to buying their, premade ones.
But for this blog, the most important question is, of course, can 6d6 be played solo?

The answer is definitely yes.

6d6 Core is not planned to be used that way, so there is no mention of solo play in the book. But being a card driven game, the possibilities for solo play it opens are many, and the rules need just a little tweaking.

Full Review — 6d6 Core: Solo playability

Old Reviews

I’ve spent some time collecting all the reviews of 6d6 products we have had and putting together a single 6d6 Reviews page. We have nine different reviews and all of them are really positive. That’s not to say a few don’t raise some valid criticisms but all appreciate the idea of 6d6 RPG and what it can do.

Reviews Wanted

If you run a blog, do videos or otherwise have a way of doing a review of 6d6 products, drop me a line – Chris at 6d6 Fireball dot com.