The Final Piece

Next Wednesday the final part of the our vision of 6d6 and the future of RPGs drops into place.

On the 21st September the 6d6 Online Tools opens to the public. It contains all the materials of the 6d6 RPG and all our adventures plus a lot more.


Anyone will be able to read the online content for free. So anyone can learn how to play the 6d6 RPG or read our adventures.

But the real power of the tools is only open to members.


Members have access to all 6d6 PDFs. A much more convenient format for use around the gaming table than the hundreds of separate web pages that make up the 6d6 Online Tools. They also have access to them for life thanks to the Living Document Promise.


Members also have the power to edit and change the content. This includes the rules and our adventures. Uniquely among commercial RPGs, the players of the game will be able to control its future. They can do anything from fix a typo, tweak a rule or create a completely new version of the game.

Members can remix and reuse any available content on the 6d6 Online Tools and they can create their own content. Either in the public areas where other members can join in or in their own personal, private section that no one else can see.

Published and Be Dammed!

The system incorporates all the PDF and card generation tools we use to publish our PDFs and they are accessible to members*. So anyone can create their own adventures and materials in exactly the same way we do. Because we use the Creative Commons licence, you can even sell the PDFs you create**.

Of course, if you create something really good, we will want to talk to you about publishing it as an official 6d6 title.

Save! Save! Save!

Monthly, yearly and lifetime membership will be available from Wednesday 21st with a special launch price. If you want the best possible price, join the 6d6 Online Tools mailing list who have access to an exclusive offer.

* Due to the demand PDF creation places on the server, there may be some limits on their use until we have established a balance between usage and server capacity.

** We use the CC-BY-SA licence that requires all derivative works to also be released under the same licence.