Quantum Flux – Gravity of the Situation

The final extract from Quantum Flux (available from tomorrow), is an optional encounter with the hostile A.I. that is trying to take over the ship.

The way that the adventure is structured allows it to be run over one to four session depending on the player’s and Game Leader’s choices. Part of this structure are the optional encounters that the Game Leader can throw in as required. These are like the deleted scenes from a movie that are included on the DVD. They have useful background information and fill in a few details but are not vital.

Gravity of the Situation

In a routine corridor, anywhere on the ship, the Kleinler A.I. will try to kill the team using the aliens. This will only happen once the A.I. decides the players need to die and it is one of the clearest signs that something is going on between the A.I. and the aliens.

As you walk down the corridor the power cuts out. Emergency lights come on with a feeble yellow glow. Struggling to maintain balance as you realize the gravity plating has failed. Now comes the all too familiar screech of the aliens.


Use three Alien Larvae and one Alien Roamer for a full team of six. The alien screech warns the players so there is no danger of surprise. At the start of combat the aliens are only 30 feet (6 squares) behind the last character.

Zero-G Combat

Anyone using a recoil-based weapon such as the Plasma Pulse Rifle or the Rivet Bolt Gun automatically moves one square back each time it's fired. With melee combat, anyone who is hit (takes damage) is also moved back one square. Should the character be unable to move because of a wall they are attacked by a 1d6 impact.

The aliens are unaffected by this. They are better suited and more familiar with Zero-G combat.

All Clear

Once the aliens are dead, power, lights and gravity return suddenly to the corridor.


An easy hack on the nearest console reveals that the power loss was part of a routine diagnostic check. A program that was activated the moment the team reached that section.