Outbreak! Reviewed

Fitz at Game Knight Reviews have been kind enough to review Outbreak! and the 6d6 Core.

I think the convention scenario format works beautifully in this instance, offering plenty of text for the Game Leader to use for narration and to set the scene, as well as tips throughout in each encounter to guide them to whatever comes next. As a player, the goal is to survive without getting injured by a zombie. Who will survive? Only time will tell!

I’m not going to harp on the layout and design too much, as it’s largely unchanged from the first 6d6 product I reviewed a few months ago – Mince Pies & Murder. So if you’re looking for beautiful page design and artwork, these products probably aren’t going to do much for you. I do have to say the cover for Outbreak! photo from Rob North is suitably bleak and creepy, evoking a bit of an homage to Night of the Living Dead with the rusty old car fender and naked trees. But if you’re looking for a great game and well-written content (i.e. substance over appearance), then you’ll feel right at home with any 6d6 RPG gaming product.

If you give 6d6 Outbreak! a try, I think the game scenario will work brilliantly and you’ll probably never get the same exact results twice. 6d6 RPG and Outbreak! definitely seems like a winning combination to me. It’s not your average RPG, and that makes it very intriguing.

Read the rest of the review – 6d6 Outbreak! by Ben Jackson from 6d6 RPG.

Obviously we are very pleased with the review.

It’s So Good, You Want To Buy It Tomorrow

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