Quantum Flux – Deck 8 – Cargo Hold

This forth extract from the soon-to-be-published Quantum Flux covers Deck 8, the cargo hold, of TSN Leopold.

Quantum Flux has two possible endings. Either the characters escape the Leopold on the Corvette (found in Deck 9 – Hanger Bay) or they rid the ship of the alien infestation and other dangers. Visiting Deck 8 is useful for the first ending but vital for the second.

Deck 8 – Cargo Hold


The Cargo Hold occupies most of this deck. It carries all of the supplies a deep space research vessel needs for a year long trip. Most of these supplies are kept in separate, sealed areas such as the food freezer, medical locker and chemical storage for safety and security reasons. Access to these are very difficult due to their inbuilt security and bulkheads locked by the crew or the A.I.

What the characters can easily access is the general hold and the four personal storage areas where the crew store larger items of personal equipment.

The Hold

The general hold of this ship is fairly large, perhaps forty feet across and is packed with a large variety of containers. Pathways lead through the maze of crates and signs point to four crew storage areas. There is evidence that the cargo has been ransacked. Some crates are open, their contents scattered on the ground.

Lets split up

The cargo hold is large and contains lots of equipment. Finding anything quickly will require the characters to spread out through the maze of crates.

Each character can search a 4×4 squares area or a single personal storage area. If two or more characters want to search a single area they combine their search rolls. This gives them a better chance of findings things but as each search takes 5 minutes it will take longer to search the entire hold.

Signs and portents

As well as finding useful equipment the characters may notice signs that they are not alone in the hold. The Game Leader should give out the clues and equipment one by one depending on the search results and the situation. Use the clues to build tension and the equipment to keep the party searching.

Search Result Equipment / Clue
Easy Vacuum Suit
Plasma Cutter
A small puddle of viscous goo
Moderate Armoured Vacuum Suit
Portable Deck
Scratch marks by large claws
Hard Hull Explosives
Dried shed skin from a large alien

At some point the four Alien Roamers (less if there are fewer than the full six characters) will attack. They will burst out of crates or leap from the top of stacks.

Characters will be Partially Surprised unless they make an Automatic Awareness check (see 6d6 Core) against the Roamer’s Stealth and Hide cards plus a 1d6 situation bonus for using the crates to hide themselves. If the players have found clues in their search allow each player a 1d6+0 situation bonus per clue.

Job Done

Once the fight is over the characters can keep searching. If they are looking explicitly for the Hull Explosives they will find them automatically on an easy result.


Players looking for the chemicals to create CN-21 (see Deck 11) will be able to quickly find them in the chemical storage section. However access to this area requires a Command Override or a hard hacking action.