6d6 As A Buisness Innovator?

Greyhawk Grognard asked an interesting question – Which are the Innovative Game Companies? – and featured 6d6 as an example.

Does anyone out there know any game companies, specifically RPG or wargame producers, that are doing new and innovative things from a business perspective?

By this, I don’t mean companies that are putting out new and innovative products, or who are taking graphic design in bold new directions, or anything like that. I’m talking specifically about business decisions. Let me give you an example.

Chris at 6d6 RPG is doing several innovative things with his company. I don’t know much about the game itself, but these seem like really interesting experiments from a business perspective.

First off, he is open about the process of coming up with pricing. Even though he’s not running a publicly traded company, and therefore isn’t required to report things like sales figures or other internal financial numbers, he does so regularly on the company’s blog.

I recommend reading the rest of the article and catching up with the comments. You will find a lot of suggestions of other companies doing innovative business and producing exciting games.